The Boy In The Leaves: Character Quotes

The Boy  In The Leaves B&W FINISHEDFinal 3-25-13  JDHOLIDAYIn front of old man Sushel’s, the house next door, Tony shouted, “OH, SHIT! Max, look. Look! Is he dead?”
“What? Who?” Max moved to where Tony was as the wind swirled again, and the leaves fluttered at Tony’s feet. And there he was. A small boy laid there, motionless. Unlike the leaves around him he lay undisturbed by the wind gust.
Max stepped away. It was just a little kid. He looked asleep, his dark skin was a shade of blue and purple, almost translucent. Thin parchment spanning a fragile frame.
The boy wore black jeans and an orange T-shirt with a ‘Save The Oceans’ logo across his chest. A crusted gash was on his forehead. Any time now he’d move, open his eyes and jump up, laughing.
“He’s dead,” Tony said again, this time contemptuously, his eyes wells of tears.
Max’s chest felt crushed like the time he’d fallen on his back from the school yard jungle gym and he couldn’t pull air in. He managed to say, “Maybe he’s not.” ~ from The Boy In The Leaves, a short story by JD Holiday