The Book Report: Review of Toby by Hazel Mitchell!

Book TOBYThe Book Report: Review of Toby by Hazel Mitchell!Hazel and Toby

Rescue dogs can be afraid and need time to adjust to their new home and family. Toby is a good example of how a dog can wriggle his way into the heart of a family using their cute personality. I’m impressed by the boy’s hard work with Toby before his Dad can decide that maybe Toby isn’t the right dog for them.

The boy learns responsibility as he works with Toby and we see his love for the dog, and his compassion that Toby needs to adjust. With the delightful and vivid illustrations, also done by the author, we see the bonding process that goes on between them.

Toby is a cute, engaging story about friendship and love that forms between a child and a dog. This book is well worth the addition to any child’s, classroom or library shelf. 5 STARS!


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