Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun

Featured Image -- 909Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun by J.D. Holiday

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   Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun496515016

    by JD Holiday

              Back in the mid 70’s, I was the sole provider for my family. It was me and three year daughter named Jennifer while my husband, Angelo, interned in a hospital for a job in the Nuclear Medicine field.

              Up until this time I was a cashier in a supermarket but I could not make enough money to pay the bills. Not knowing what else to do to find a job where I would make enough, (I knew at the time, your months rent should be the same as your weekly salary,) I bought the newspaper every day.

              Looking back it seemed it wasn’t long, and only about five job interviews, until the right job came along that I thought could make what I needed to make ends meet. It was $40 short of the rent…

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