Surreal Images: Spring in Southern California

Kevin Hotter

“Voyages” (Santa Barbara, CA)

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is having a great week. If your week is starting slow in the ‘great’ department – well, I am confident that it will vastly improve! 🙂

Spring is in full swing here in Southern California, and the temperatures are already hot in my ‘hood! Spring in this part of the world is a relatively short season…

“Filtered Light” (Lancaster, CA)

The transition between our mild winter (cooler temps and a bit of rain) and summer (hot and dry) is pretty quick. One day it is 55 degrees (Fahrenheit), then a week later it is 90 degrees. And will remain that way for many months. I don’t mind the heat, because fortunately, in the area where I live, the nights cool off very nicely. 🙂

“A View of Eternity” (Malibu, CA)

Here are some photos I have taken over the past month. Please…

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