MY Work in Progress for my children’s chapter book: The Great Snowball Escapade!

MY Work in Progress for my children’s chapter book: The Great Snowball Escapade!

Page 12 form The Great Snowball Escapade by JD Holiday
Page 12 form The Great Snowball Escapade by JD Holiday

Surreal Images: Spring in Southern California

Kevin Hotter

“Voyages” (Santa Barbara, CA)

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is having a great week. If your week is starting slow in the ‘great’ department – well, I am confident that it will vastly improve! 🙂

Spring is in full swing here in Southern California, and the temperatures are already hot in my ‘hood! Spring in this part of the world is a relatively short season…

“Filtered Light” (Lancaster, CA)

The transition between our mild winter (cooler temps and a bit of rain) and summer (hot and dry) is pretty quick. One day it is 55 degrees (Fahrenheit), then a week later it is 90 degrees. And will remain that way for many months. I don’t mind the heat, because fortunately, in the area where I live, the nights cool off very nicely. 🙂

“A View of Eternity” (Malibu, CA)

Here are some photos I have taken over the past month. Please…

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Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun

Cereal Authors

   Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Man With A Gun496515016

    by JD Holiday

              Back in the mid 70’s, I was the sole provider for my family. It was me and three year daughter named Jennifer while my husband, Angelo, interned in a hospital for a job in the Nuclear Medicine field.

              Up until this time I was a cashier in a supermarket but I could not make enough money to pay the bills. Not knowing what else to do to find a job where I would make enough, (I knew at the time, your months rent should be the same as your weekly salary,) I bought the newspaper every day.

              Looking back it seemed it wasn’t long, and only about five job interviews, until the right job came along that I thought could make what I needed to make ends meet. It was $40 short of the rent…

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Character Quotes: Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair

Cereal Authors

9e076-janoose-fff2bcover2bimage2bjpeg Janoose And The Fall Feather Fair

The Fox Is Back! What Does He Want Now?


Margie whispered to Janoose and Mallard. “You know the painter who has been painting the factory? He is by the truck now. Is his going to paint the delivery truck, too?”

        3bcdd-janoose2b22b2bpage2b32bsigned2bfor2bonline      Janoose looked toward the truck. The painter quickly looked away, pulling his cap down over his eyes.

              Mallard said with a laugh, “No, he’s not,” before Mallard hurried over to the painter calling, “Oh, Mr. Painter!”

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The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 9

The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 9

the-man-who-wasnt-thereIt seems there are other conflicts in the group, other than between Chase and Marissa. Brian tells them to air the differences before the ritual, since he’s the one who will be on display.

The others, all of whom had never gotten past kissing and some exploratory groping, were mortified. Ginnifer blanched, staring at Louisa.

“Are you kidding? That’s weird!”

“Maybe so, but you’ll excuse him once you try it. Trust me.”

“Moving on?” Marissa said, her voice high pitched and squeaky.


The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 9